- 'Penguins' (The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer


- 'Derry Girls' (Hat Trick Productions / Channel 4): Musical Advisor/Arranger

 - ‘Aladdin’ (SSE Arena, Belfast): Sound Designer

- 'Hansel & Gretel’ (The MAC, Belfast): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Shh! We Have a Plan!' (Cahoots NI, The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Madame Geneva' (Macha Productions / Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Crazy' (GBL Productions / Grand Opera House, Belfast): Musical Director

- 'The Faerie Thorn' (Big Telly Theatre Co., touring): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Nivelli's War' (Cahoots NI / Lyric Theatre, Belfast / New Victory Theater, Broadway, New York): Composer/Sound Designer


- 'Pinocchio' (MAC Belfast / Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'The Frenzy of Sweeney' (YMT / Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Under the Hawthorn Tree' (Cahoots NI / Ulster American Folk Park): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries' (Cahoots NI, USA tour): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'My Mother and Other Strangers' (BBC): Arranger/Musical Director

- 'Egg' (USA tour; Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer


- 'Christmas Eve Can Kill You' (Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Musical Director/Sound Designer

- 'Little Red Riding Hood' (Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Sound Designer

 - 'Shh! We Have a Plan!' (Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Macbeth' (YMT:UK, Edinburgh Fringe Festival): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Sweat Factory' (YMT:UK, Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells, London: Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Moving On' ('Space Legacy Project', Craigavon Borough Council, BNL Productions): Composer/Producer

 - 'Crazy' (GBL Productions, the MAC, Belfast): Musical Director

  - 'My English Tongue, My Irish Heart' (Greenshoot Productions): Musical Director

 - 'The Gift' (Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'God of Carnage' (Prime Cut Productions, the MAC, Belfast): Composer/Sound Designer


- 'Mistletoe & Crime' (Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Composer/Musical Director/Sound Designer

- 'The Family Hoffman' (Cahoots NI, the MAC, Belfast): Sound Designer

 - 'Sometimes There's Light [Sometimes There's Dark]' (Moving Dust, Asylum, London): Composer/Sound Designer 

 - 'More than a Flag' (Happenstance Theatre Co.): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'The Dance Connection' (YMT:UK, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Macbeth' (YMT:UK, Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Ulster Volunteers' (RTE Radio Drama): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'The Gift' (Cahoots NI, New Visions New Voices, Kennedy Centre, Washington DC): Sound Designer

 - 'Tartan' (Etcetera Theatre Company): Musical Director/Sound Designer

 - 'Land Is God' (Out of Orbit Productions, short film): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Nivelli's War' (Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer


 - 'Forget Turkey! (We Liked It So Much We're Going To Phuket Again)' (Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Composer/Musical Director/Sound Designer

 - 'Duck, Death and the Tulip' (Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Crimea Square' (Spectrum Centre, Belfast, PEACE III Programme/National Lottery Funding through ACNI): Sound Designer/Musical Director

 - 'From the Shipyard to the Somme' (Partisan Productions): Sound Designer

 - 'Casa de Vidro' (Tapio Snellman, short film touring as part of the exhibition 'Lina Bo Bardi: Together'): Composer/Sound Designer

 - iPredict (Cahoots NI): Sound Designer

 - 'Vernon God Little' (Queen's University Belfast Drama Department): Musical Director/Arranger


- Forget Turkey! (We're Going To Phuket This Christmas)' (Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Composer/Musical Director/Sound Designer

 - 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' (Cahoots NI, The MAC, Belfast): Sound Designer

 - 'The Scarlett Web' (Big Telly Theatre Company): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Egg' (Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer

 - Macbeth' (YMT:UK, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Lights, Camera, Mathemagic' (Cahoots NI): Sound Designer

 - 'On the Air' (Flickerpix, BBC NI, series 2, part b): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'A Spell of Cold Weather' (Cahoots NI, Lyric Theatre, Belfast): Composer/Sound Designer


 - 'On the Air' (Flickerpix, BBC NI, series 2, part a): Composer /Sound Designer

 - 'Egg' (Cahoots NI): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Macbeth' (YMT:UK, RADA Studios, London): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Songs for the Soul' (Malachi Cush, Album): Producer/Arranger

 - 'There Must be More' (from 'Grace Online', YMT:UK, song published by Faber Books / Trinity Guildhall, for intermediate musical theatre singing examinations): Composer

 - 'Zig and Zag' (Flickerpix, pilot episode): Composer/Sound Designer

- 'Not Again Farley!' (Flickerpix, BBC Learning Zone, BBC NI, Series): Sound Designer



- 'The Great Carmo' (Cahoots NI): Sound Designer

 - 'The Book of Daniel' (BAFTA Rocliffe Forum): Composer

 - 'Galactica Racer' (now called 'Lifespeed', Wee Man Studios / BlackNorth, Mobile Game App / Nintendo 3DS video game): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'A Song for Eurydice' (YMT:UK, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Malaria' (Flickerpix, BBC, score on short film broadcast at FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony in South Africa): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Circus' (Cahoots NI): Sound Designer

 - 'Wee Wise Words' (Flickerpix, BBC NI, Series, part b): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Bulletproof' (Replay Productions): Composer/Sound Designer 


 - 'Wee Wise Words' (Flickerpix, BBC NI, Series, part a): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Quickie Cuts' (Flickerpix, pilot episode): Composer/Sound Designer 

- 'Malaria' (Flickerpix, BBC network, Comic Relief): Composer/Sound Designer


 - 'Days Like This' (Flickerpix, BBC NI, Series): Composer/Sound Designer

 - 'Blessed Be the One' (Malachi Cush, Joanne Cash, Ulster Orchestra chamber group, single reached No. 1, New Christian Music chart, USA): Co-Writer/Arranger/Producer

 - 'Rip and the Preacher' (NI Screen Digital Shorts Programme, dir. Michael Lennox): Composer/Sound Designer


- 'A Year in Sex City' (DoubleBand Films, BBC NI, documentary film): Composer

- 'Grace Online' (YMT:UK, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth): Composer

- 'New Day' (Malachi Cush album, The Cauldron Studios, Dublin): Producer/Arranger 


- 'The Blackout Show' (Red Lead Arts, Belfast City Hall): Musical Director/Sound Designer

- 'Obviously Embraced' (album by Tom Roger Aadland, Cauldron Studios, Dublin): Keyboard Programmer